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Catamaran Commercial provides maintenance services to customers in a wide range of industries. When you have underutilized employees, we can help you put them to work on our projects – reducing your overhead costs and increasing your profits. Also, when you do not have enough qualified laborers to meet your commitments, we can provide you with on-demand short-term craft workers to supplement your work force – keeping your customers satisfied and reducing your costs/risks. The following attributes summarize how Catamaran Commercial can support your business:

Sales Opportunities – Whenever a Catamaran Commercial customer needs maintenance support, we automatically identify the most relevant prequalified local suppliers and send a notification with details about the opportunity. When your company receives one of these notifications, review the job description and if you have a worker or workers who are near the customer facility and immediately available, simply reply indicating how long you estimate it should take to do the job and your hourly rate. Based on the choices our customer receives, they will select the supplier they prefer given what is most important to them and that supplier will be awarded the project.

Project Execution – When your company is chosen for a repair project and your worker or workers subsequently arrive at the customer’s work front, you may find that the description of the job was not accurate and executing the work will likely take more time than your preliminary estimate. In such a case, you have the option to perform the work based on your original time estimate, which allows for incentive payments tied to good quality and timely work, or you may submit an updated forecast to Catamaran. If the customer agrees to proceed based on the revised cost, your people may begin work.

On-Demand Labor – What do you do when you have a tight deadline but some of your employees don’t show up, what do you do when it is two o’clock in the morning and you get a call but you can’t reach anyone, what do you do when all of your employees are on jobs but an important customers calls and says they need you now? Catamaran can help – we have prequalified workers available to meet your every need 24/7/365. All you need to do is open the app, describe how many people you need, how long you expect to need them, and what skills, licenses, etc., they must have – within minutes you will get a list of Catamaran Commercial workers to choose from including their historic customer satisfaction ratings, their hourly rate, and how quickly they can arrive. Pick your Catamaran Commercial workers and you’re back in business.

Culture – Our most important concern is the safety of our partners, our customers and those people we interact with every day. Whether your workers are driving to a Catamaran customer site, picking up supplies, or performing a repair project, they must be extra cautious – they should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, follow all industry best practices, laws and regulations, and remember to never compromise on safety. Safety training videos as well as skills upgrade training videos are available to all Catamaran partners on our website at