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Culture / Values

As a service-oriented company, Catamaran provides a narrow selection of services into a wide range of industries. Each member of our team shares a singular objective – to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do. Regardless of what is most important to you at any given time, we will always strive to help you achieve your goals.

Catamaran’s hiring practices are designed with the goal of only bringing-on the best talent available. Because we started with a blank sheet of paper, our corporate structure is more efficient than that of our competitors – we do not have the legacy costs that other suppliers pass onto their customers. Also, the markets we choose to support are large and growing. In turn, of all the projects available to us, we only pursue work with those customers whose values align with ours. Customers who expect efficiency and responsiveness and quality and safety and integrity.

Community Involvement

Catamaran is proud to serve the communities where we live and work by participating in local events, undertaking volunteer activities, and providing donations.