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Catamaran Commercial provides on-demand maintenance and repair services for customers in a wide range of commercial and light industrial markets. Although each customer is different, we recognize that when any of our customers need help, they want to work with a company that can perform quality work, respond immediately, all while providing predictable and fair pricing. The following attributes summarize how Catamaran Commercial differentiates from its competition:

Quality – Prior to being added to the Catamaran team of prequalified service workers, all our independent candidates are thoroughly vetted using background checks, drug tests, skills tests, license reviews when applicable, and reference checks. Only the most qualified workers are selected to be members of the Catamaran team, providing you with confidence that the services you receive will always be completed in a safe, professional, timely and cost-efficient manner. To achieve and maintain the best workforce in the industry, we add new highly-qualified field workers every month and we immediately remove any workers who do not live up to Catamaran’s strict standards or yours.

Responsiveness – The world has changed. What was considered acceptable yesterday is inadequate today. Customers expect everything to be working perfectly all the time. They demand to be fully satisfied and when they are not, they have no problem sharing their opinion widely and switching to a competitor. When something breaks, customers notice it and expect an immediate resolution. They are not willing to wait hours or days – they want it working now whether it impacts them or not. With Catamaran you can meet the expectations of today’s customers. When you need support, we respond immediately and complete the repair as quickly as possible.

Cost Efficiency – Maintenance can be costly, but downtime and/or dissatisfied customers are far more expensive. Preventive and predictive maintenance help to optimize operations but the reality is things break and emergency repairs are necessary. Using Catamaran for on-demand maintenance enables you to reduce the cost of your repairs significantly. Our pricing model creates a competitive environment among the qualified field workers, it eliminates upcharges on parts and materials, and it incentivizes field workers to provide quality, timely and cost-efficient work. Combined, our repair prices are consistently lower than the currently employed outdated approaches.

Breadth of Services – Catamaran can support all your maintenance needs so you can consolidate from numerous suppliers down to one. One that is more responsive, more cost efficient and more qualified to address needed repairs so we get you back up and running, regardless of your industry or the problem at hand. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, equipment, masonry, flooring, lighting, carpentry, painting/drywall, computers, telephones, or any other area across the facility with a problem, Catamaran is available 24/7/365 to help your business operate as smoothly as possible so you can keep your focus on meeting the needs of your own customers.