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Our leadership team ensures that our employees and partners never lose sight of our primary goal – exceeding our customers’ expectations in everything we do. Accomplishing this takes more than just an attitude or desire, it takes a diverse group of individuals with a range of differing experiences and expertise, all pulling together to devise the best solutions.

  • E. Chip Ray (Chief Executive Officer): Mr. Ray has 35 years of experience, primarily focused on Catamaran’s target industries. From 2013 to 2017, he served as President of CB&I’s Capital Services operating group. In that role, he led the company’s $2.2 billion business, of which 75% of revenue was generated from maintenance activities. The business had on average 15,000 employees. Prior to that role he was Executive Vice President of Corporate Planning for CB&I for seven years. Before joining CB&I, Mr. Ray led strategic planning for Fluor Corporation.
  • Jim Bishop (President – Catamaran Industrial Services): For most of the past 30 years, Mr. Bishop has worked for CB&I in project management roles on both EPC and Maintenance projects throughout the world. Jim’s forward-thinking has enabled his projects to capitalize on leading edge technologies – minimizing customers’ operational costs and maximizing equipment uptime. For the past 18-months, he has been a global leader using data analytics to drive improved operations through predictive maintenance.
  • Bret Swan (President – Catamaran Commercial Services): In addition to his role leading Catamaran Commercial Services, Mr. Swan is the owner of a group of construction, equipment distribution, maintenance, and service firms primarily targeting retail, commercial, and light industrial organizations across the United States. He has more than 20 years of experience leading businesses in these markets.
  • Scott Waguespack (Executive Vice President – Administration): Mr. Waguespack has spent the past 25 years leading Human Resources for several prominent Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) companies. For the past year, he has served as Vice President of Human Resources for a diversified services company primarily focused on O&M, Environmental, and Government Services with personnel in more than 75 offices throughout the United States.
  • Chris Strickland (Executive Vice President – Operations): Mr. Strickland has over 20 years of experience in industrial turnarounds, capital projects, and maintenance activities. Throughout the Americas, the teams he has led have consistently and successfully completed large projects on-time and on-budget or better. Chris is well respected for his deep industry knowledge and his hands-on field execution, where he brings practical solutions to some of the most difficult welding, lifting, and constructability challenges. He actively works on keeping connections with superintendents across the industry so we can staff the largest jobs with the best teams available.
  • Charles Ray (Senior Vice President – Information Technology): Mr. Ray led app development for CB&I, a multibillion dollar diversified services company from 2014 through the divestiture of the company’s Capital Services group in mid-2017. At that time, he transferred with the sale to support integration and develop the new company’s IT infrastructure with a specific focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities. Prior to CB&I, he spent seven years leading Digital Services, a Houston based recording studio supporting regional/international recording artists.