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Maintenance Specialists

Catamaran Commercial provides businesses with a complete range of maintenance and repair services. We have two objectives: first, to supply our customers with on-demand high-quality maintenance support and second, to give our independent field workers the control and flexibility they deserve – work where you want, when you want, doing what you want, all for good pay.

Qualification – Some of our customers’ needs are simple and some are complex. Regardless of the type of job, our reputation is at stake each time we perform work. In turn, we must make sure that every customer is thrilled with every repair we perform, so we only select the most qualified people with quality tools and equipment to be part of the Catamaran team. Our approval process includes background checks, drug tests, skills tests, license reviews, insurance verification and reference checks.

Project Opportunities – If you receive a text from Catamaran Commercial letting you know that you are approved as a qualified independent team member, congratulations. After you download the Catamaran app from either the Apple App store or Google Play and you click on the link in the note, your information will be pre-populated into the app and you will be ready to go.

Whenever a customer requests work to be done, Catamaran Commercial automatically identifies the most relevant team members with the skills to successfully execute the specific project and then sends a notification to those who are nearby the customer facility. When you are alerted to a work order on your phone, review the description and if you want to do the job and are available, reply indicating when you can begin, how long you estimate it should take to do the job, and your hourly rate. The customer will select one team member based on what is most important to them and that person will be awarded the project.

Project Execution – When you are chosen for a repair project and subsequently arrive at the customer’s work front, you may find that the description of the job was not accurate and executing the work will likely take more time than your preliminary estimate. In such a case, you have the option to perform the work based on your original time estimate, which allows for incentive payments tied to good quality and timely work, or you may submit an updated forecast to Catamaran. If the customer agrees to proceed based on the revised cost, you may begin work. Please note that with the revised estimate option you will not be eligible for an early-completion project bonus on that specific job.

Culture – A critically important concern is the safety of our independent field workers, our customers and those people we interact with every day. Whether you are driving to a Catamaran customer site, picking up supplies, or performing a repair project, be extra cautious – wear appropriate personal protective equipment, follow all industry best practices, laws and regulations, and remember you should never compromise on safety. We have training videos available to all Catamaran partners, this includes but is not limited to Safety videos as well as videos to help improve skills and performance, you can find these resources on our website at