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Catamaran Industrial provides services to customers in the oil refining, LNG, alternative fuels, chemical & petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, and metals & mining industries. As the company name implies, our services are targeted to Construction And Turnarounds And Maintenance And Repairs and And Networking. Regardless of the complexity of your project or the level of support you need, our goal is unwavering – to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do.

Construction and Turnarounds – regardless of the type of contract (reimbursable, hybrid or lump-sum), there are four critical success factors (CSF’s) that must all be met to ensure that the joint goals of the customer and contractor are exceeded. At Catamaran Industrial, we differentiate ourselves within each of these four CSF’s by focusing on what is most important to achieving success.

  1. Understanding – the project must be clearly defined and communicated so the estimate can be as accurate as possible, recognizing that conditions may change as the project develops, so flexibility is required.
  2. Talent – both as individuals and crews, the workforce must have the skills necessary to execute their tasks efficiently and effectively, and when challenges arise, they must have the attitude to step-up and get the job done.
  3. Conducive environment – the worker of today has many options so if the work environment doesn’t meet their expectations, they will go elsewhere. Workers want to feel pride in their accomplishments, they want to be valued and they want to be rewarded for a job well-done. Together, the customer and the contractor create the work environment that fosters fulfillment and success.
  4. Discipline – appropriate plans, processes, systems, tools, and controls must be in-place to enable the project to be completed safely, on-time and on-budget.

Whether you have a critical small-cap construction project that needs an A-team, a large stick-built EPC project requiring off-site fabrication, or a complex turnaround/outage where the ability to quickly source hundreds or even thousands of top-notch craft workers is the challenge, Catamaran Industrial is structured to be your supplier of choice.

Maintenance and Repairs – in today’s competitive environment, no company can afford to waste money or disappoint a customer due to questionable product quality or down time. Establishing your brand in the minds of your customers is too hard to have it tarnished because of poor performance. The world has gotten smaller and customers have too many competitive choices for you to risk losing them.

Beginning the day your facility was commissioned, it required routine maintenance to keep it running as initially designed. In addition, as equipment ages, parts will break and need to be repaired or replaced. Whether a site needs reactive maintenance when something breaks, preventive maintenance to keep the processes operating effectively, or predictive maintenance to optimize performance, we have the resources to help you behind the scenes, which will allow you to focus on your customers.

Networking – all over the world, heavy industrial companies are realizing that two trends are occurring which when combined have the potential to create a step-change improvement in plant operations. Dramatically increased computing / communications capabilities, coupled with advancements in sensor technologies – both new sensors and significantly reduced prices on existing sensors — have given rise to “mobility” and “predictive analytics.”

Catamaran provides industry leading mobility by using advanced technology platforms to enhance knowledge transfer and drive operational efficiency. We correspondingly use predictive analytics to optimize our customers’ operations. Predictive analytics is not just the ability to predict when something is going to break but more importantly, it provides the ability to determine when it is the ideal time to perform a maintenance activity. This enables you to truly optimize the efficiency of operations – minimizing process inputs (fuel, water and feedstock), virtually eliminating the risk of down time, and reducing staffing requirements to maintain the facility.

Until recently, the use of mobility and predictive analytics has been somewhat limited to very large facilities due to the cost early adopters have paid to capitalize on this new disruptive technology model. At Catamaran Industrial, we have taken a more targeted approach to technology, working with our customers to identify only those areas that affect their critical drivers such as uptime and maintenance staffing requirements. This model allows our customers to capture the benefits of networking / predictive analytics at a cost that is affordable on even small industrial sites.

Catamaran Industrial will develop parallel networking infrastructure to a clients existing network environment to retrieve data from installed sensors within a client’s facility. In a typical configuration, data analysis is performed both on-site, through the use of edge computer, and in the cloud by transmitting the sensor data through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to a cloud-based analytics platform. Analysis is purposely performed in a separate and isolated environment so as not to introduce unnecessary risk and vulnerabilities to the client’s business network and installed assets.